Friday, June 1, 2007

Lost and Found


A pocket knife with faux pearl handles, its larger blade nicked; a sixth-birthday present.

The beginnings of a short-story involving a group of Cro-Magnon, set in what is now France.

A tortoise-shell Sailor fountain pen with a deliciously flexible nib.

A blue-and-white Duncan yo-yo.

A Buck Rogers space ship that rides the length of a long piece of string.

Being able to place essays in the Virginia City, NV Territorial-Enterprise.

A blue-denim shirt that never came back from the laundry.

The exact location of Ken's Hula Hut on upper Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, along with the men who played there, Howard McGee, Hampton Hawes, Teddy Edwards, and especially William "Sonny" Criss.

Wimpy's Hamburgers, northeast corner of Cochran and Wilshire, Los Angeles.

An autographed copy of The Green Kingdom by Rachel Maddux.

Edward's collar with the brass identification medallion attached.


A copy of Literary Theory, a title in the Oxford University Press Very Short Introduction series; a gift left in a faculty mail box.

A missing debit card from Peet's Coffee.

A self-winding Orvis wristwatch.

A lineotype slug bearing the name of a campus humor magazine.

A missing invitation to a farewell party.

A pencil sharpener in the shape of a manual typewriter; a birthday gift from students.

An old copy of Know Thy Shelf, a newsletter about book promotion.

A key to a former post office box.

A small notebook with neat stuff in it.

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