Monday, June 4, 2007


1. Not Taken: cub reporter, police beat, sports, Calexico CA Chronicle
Taken: Foley & Burke Traveling Shows, occupation: shill, barker (guess your weight, baseball throw, dart throw)

2. Not Taken: publicity/promotion writer, Forrest Lawn Cemetery, Los Angeles
Taken: writer, "I Search for Adventure," "Tarzan," Sol Lesser Productions

3. Not Taken: auctioneer's assistant
Taken: Robert I Lethe, graphic arts consultant, write short stories for assorted men's magazines, occasional suspense novels

4. Not Taken: auctioneer's assistant
Taken: paperback novelist

5. Not taken: technical writer
Taken: editor, Sherbourne Press (hardcover and trade paper fiction/nonfiction

6. Not taken: crap
Taken: editor in chief, Sherbourne Press

7. Not taken: security
Taken: editorial director, Los Angeles office, Dell Books

8. Not taken: anti-California New York ethnocentrism
Taken: production editor, American Bibliographical Center--Clio Press

9. Not taken: Production manager, Wylie-Hamilton Books
Taken: senior editor, Clio Books

10. Not taken: editor-in-chief, Pinnacle Books
Taken: editor-in-chief, Clio Books

11. Not taken: a run at presidency, American Bibliographical Center--Clio Press
Taken: editor-in-chief, Ross-Erickson Books

12. Not taken: security
Taken: the freelance life

13. Not taken: doglessness
Taken: Sally

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