Thursday, June 28, 2007

Theme Parks

Writers' conferences are like theme parks, the guest speakers and workshop leaders standing forth as the featured rides.

In past conferences in past places I have represented many differing rides; this time I have been the ride of subtext, of implication, of evocation as opposed to description, of the lovely irony that comes when someone says the opposite of what he feels or wants and yet is understood as having represented a visible revealed truth.

I have spent a few moments on the horse of ambiguity, firm in my sense that specfic endings, where everything is dealt with and resolved are impossible.

It is possible to know what you want--in life, in the classroom, in the artistry of the present moment. It is even possible to strive to attain what you wish. From that point, all things slide into flux of movement and other forms of physical behavior; they change and you with them.

The ride is everything, influencing who you are when you are let out, influencing what you will do next. If you are not pleased with the ride, you need to try another theme park.

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