Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Window Ledge Directly above the Bed

Far left to far right as I lay in bed:

1. A former crock to hold olive oil, recycled as a splendid flower vase
2. A small flashlight to illuminate such night sounds as squirrels fighting or falling from trees, rats, voles, and perhaps even raccoons, scurrying for the seeds left out for birds.
3. A bottle of saline solution which invariably misses my eye and hits chin or lower.
4. A half-eaten pear
5. A stack of books originally placed to discourage Scamper, the cat, from nocturnal explorations during the course of which, due to the six-inch available platform, she would invariably fall, landing directly on my head or close enough to it to make her presence felt.
6. Titles of books in stack:
The Remains of the Day--Kazuo Ishiguro
One Good Turn--Kate Atkinson
Frankenstein--Mary Shelley
The Time of Our Singing--Richard Powers
Three Farmers on Their Way to a Dance--Richard Powers
Plowing the Dark--Richard Powers
Eating Stone--Ellen Meloy
Operation Wandering Soul--Richard Powers
The Secret of Lost Things--Sheridan Hay
Grotesque--Matsuo Karino
The Economic Naturalist--Robert A. Frank
Yet another copy of Plowing the Dark--Richard Powers
True North--Jim Harrison

I have no idea how Eating Stone found its way into the pile nor indeed what it is. I do know that since the pile of books was instituted, Scamper's late-night perambulations have taken on a new vector.

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Pod said...

love this idea! have you read maggie o'farrell yet? just discovered her, and really enjoyed 'the vanishing act of esme lennox'.
hope there is someone in the bed to keep you occupied also...