Thursday, July 26, 2007

Corn Bread

There is no time for such mischief as I have planned.

Student papers to be read.

Lecture to be prepared.

Yet, with all due respect, mischief comes first. Such niceties as time spent bathing, shaving, and the like, all of which are needed, will be cut back to bare essentials.

The subject of the mischief?


I have been thinking about it on one level or another for some days, appending it to my
personal list of comfort foods. Then Lori sent a recipe link along with a comment to an earlier post. Soon, I came to empathy with the narrator of "The Tell-Tale Heart."

I know what I must do.

The oven is already set to 375 and I think I know where the cast-iron skillet is.

Dylan Thomas could well have cribbed from one of his own poems to extol cornbread: "The force that through the oven drives the cornbread/Drives my cornbread hunger..."

A blasphemy, you say? I say cornbread.


lettuce said...

oh yum corn bread - it is far far too long since I ate corn bred.

and i must disagree about the earlier claim made here about limeys and comfort food. I admit to a strangely fascinated nostalgia about blancmange (and it is a good word) (and esp. blancmange made in a rabbit or chicken mould) but i don't think i would want to eat it. Boiled cabbage only if boiled with very little water, and suitably al dente (and british cooking has come a long way since the war) and - as a fan of real ale - i must counter these popular misconceptions about Brits. and warm beer.

Unless mulled, "proper" beer should be draft - ie. drawn from the barrel, preferably in a cool/chilled basement and hence - although not refrigerated - cool. Certainly not warm or even tepid.

have a good weekend Shelly.

Lori Witzel said...

We must have more details.

Did you juke the recipe with some nacho jalapeno slices and cheese, and smile as the cheese put a little toasty gloss on the browning crust?

Or did you play it straight, and slice it -- warm and slightly crumbly -- so it could receive a simple, melting benediction of butter?