Sunday, July 1, 2007

Existential Issues

1. With all the fustian and fury roiling about the issue of immigration reform, we have turned our back on our northernmost border, which is not only typical of us, it is rude.

2. We appear to have statistics on the number of our neighbors to the south and, for that matter,all those from meso-America who are in this country illegally, but do we really know how many illegals from Canada are here?

3. Is the fact that in the eleven western states, there is only one Canadian restaurant (in Las Vegas, of course) an indication that the Canadians are better at secrecy than the incumbent administration here?

4. If unscrupulous profiteers and immigrant smugglers from below the southern border are referred to as coyotes, what name is given to those who smuggle Canadians into North Dakota?

5. Speaking of Canadian restaurants, does anyone know what the national dish of Canada is? (I told you they were secretive.)

6. Would shifting our rude behavior toward the Canadians to a collegial politeness make them less suspicious of us than they already are?

7. Would Canadians be less suspicious of us if we agreed to spell center as centre?

8. If a Canadian sought a permit to work in this country, would we make him/her sign a statement agreeing that English was the only legal language?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

While I don't know the national dish, I'll bet it includes maple syrup. And bacon. Canadian bacon.

-Will Entrekin