Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Food for comfort and thought

Some splendid responses to comfort food:

Digby Wolfe suggests the list include blancmange which, he says, "
is always welcome to a Limey. It's like boiled cabbage and warm beer."

Steve Beisner at three w's period Inkbyte dot com, a NOLA man at stomach, reminds us of the on-going need for jambalaya and for beignet, which may or may not be dunked in chicory coffee.

Liz Kuball votes for cheesecake but would not say no to key lime pie.

Lori Witzel wishes to add : migas
home-made (real) mac-and-cheese
Central Texas BBQ

and it would be churlish of me not to add corn bread.

On the other hand, wrobertangell@gmail.com a photographer, could well add rudeness when he took on Zoe Strauss for "capatalizing (sic) on peoples (sic)weakness." He also accused Zoe of being exploitative. Why does w robert need to consider a diet of crow? First off, it is cool not to like some one's work; this is one of the underlying conventions of blog posting in the first place. But w robert goes ad hominem from the get go instead of asking questions, making critical points, trying to perhaps find something in the artist's work he might not have caught. Second, when one looks at w robert's images, one sees in short order how he is reaching for many of the same results as Zoe and coming across with an acceptance rating of a piece with the current incumbent President of the U.S. I've followed Zoe for some months now, her words and her images. She needs no one, least of all me, to defend her work. But I can and do admire it, from the heart, not the snark. Start manging, w robert. Cold comfort

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