Thursday, August 9, 2007


There are a few information stands set up by the Fire Department, sheltered by commodious umbrellas, accoutered with power-point easels. The one in Montecito is on the sward adjacent to the bank. Presumably the Montecito Zoning Association, mindful of the influential nature of the local property tax base, has arranged to pay some money to make the fire go away. Or elsewhere. Wild salmon and halibut are respectively twenty-two dollars and seventeen fifty a pound at The Montecito Market.

Highway 154, which runs past the Chumash Casino, has been reopened.

Gambling on the res puts money in the pots,
Never mind the fire;
Open up the slots.

Locals are collecting signatures on a petition to have a statue erected, depicting a longtime Montecitan businessman, now retired, using a Blackberry.

This drinking fountain caught my eye.

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