Friday, October 19, 2007

The Fez Is Familiar

All right; since you asked, I will tell you why a good story is like a basketball game.

Basketball games without fouls are rarities. Less rare but still possible, the danger of a particular player fouling out.

Following on the curve of event is the likelihood of a questionable call and, as a potential for the list, a deliberate foul, particularly against a player whose free-throw percentage is low.

Basketball games without fouls have the potential for being boring. Stories without infractions may be regarded as dramatic foul-outs.

Just as there is often no correlation between degrees of talent on individual teams or between teams, there is no correlation between the calls made by referees and the accuracy or relative consistency of their calls.

It's only a game. Right?

It's only a story. Right?

It's only a personal or technical foul. Yep.

Not if the reader is caught up in the outcome.

Not if the writer is rooting for someone.

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