Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Rules of the Road

1. Some are born pompous, others (teachers? rabbis? lawyers??) have pomposity thrust upon them.

2. Humor is in large measure about the toppling of the pompous. (Witness the humor in our toppling of the statue of Sadam Hussein and our subsequent posturing.)

3. Humor is painful truth revealed.

4. There are (and should be) more answers than questions.

5. At least one President of the United States and one presidential wannabe have acting in their job history.

6. Would it have helped Herbert Hoover any to have owned a baseball team?

7. There are more solutions than there are problems.

8. Would Ivanhoe have been better off with Rebecca? (Don't ask.)

9. How is it possible to square a cheeseburger with the dietary restrictions imposed by Leviticus ? (Go ahead, ask.)

10. Did Miles Davis really believe there were Seven Steps to Heaven?

11. Was Helena Petrovna Blavatsky a beta version of Hillary Clinton?

12. Considering the price a cheetah has to pay for being able to run ninety miles an hour, is it a worthwhile trade-off?


13. Is Wagner really as bad as he sounds?

14. Where have all the Burma Shave signs gone?


R.L. Bourges said...

3. Ouch. Exactly.

5. Acting experience is a definite asset for a President. At least, he/she can a) speak lines as they are written; b) sound as if the words add up to a sum greater than their parts. People LIKE that.

9. Please: how is it possible to square a cheeseburger with the dietary restrictions imposed by Leviticus?

10. No, Miles Davis believed there were as many steps to heaven as there were iterations inside a Mandelbrot polynomial equation.

11. Aren't you being a bit harsh on Helena Petrovna?

12. That. Is. A very. Good. Question.

13. No, he's much, much worse.

14. Now that long-term stubble is in, they've disappeared from this vale of sin.

Lori Witzel said...

Re: 6 -- Perhaps, but this game is funnier and somehow more apt for Hoover.