Monday, November 19, 2007

Bumper Stickers

1. I support God.

2. I support God more than you do.

3. Compassionate bigot.

4. Careful, Compassionate Bigot on Board!

5. The Crusades Were Republican Talking Points

6. Keep Church and Status Separate.

7. Would Your God Waterboard?

8. I Support Gay Mirage

9. I Support States' Rites

10. Bomb Switzerland. You never can tell.

11. Who Stole My Habeas Corpus?

12. Which Part of Los Angeles Don't You Understand?

13. Don't Blame Me, I'm Agnostic.

14. Honk if You Love Chaos.

15. It Only Hurts When I Vote.

16. Override Your Local Veto.

17. Pardon Darwin.

18. I Still Believe Anita Hill.

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