Friday, November 30, 2007

The Vital Lie

A Vital Lie comes right after and is supportive of the Creation Myth; it is the trampoline of logic on which the validity of the Creation Myth is sustained.

1. The surge is working in Iraq.

2. The peace negotiations in Annapolis will produce tangible results.

3. Pervez Musharraf is the West's best hope for peace.

4. There is no really scientific evidence to support evolution.

5. Conspiracy theories are nothing more than liberal sour grapes.

6. There is really little difference between George W. Bush and Al Gore.

7. Fox News really is news.

8. The Bridge to Nowhere really went somewhere.

9. By holding the line on stem-cell research, George W. Bush saved untold thousands of embryonic lives.

10. They will welcome us with flowers.

11. Yoga is the anti-Christ.

12. America is a Christian nation.

13. Our safety is more important than the Constitution.

14. Waterboarding only hurts for a minute.

15. Information obtained from waterboarding has prevented terrorist attacks.

16. A former Governor of Arkansas may not agree with a liberal agenda but does not question their right to exist.

17. Everything that happened during the regime of a former mayor of New York was good.

18. American newspapers have a left-leaning bias.

19. Ronald Reagan really meant it when he said he believed in States' Rights.

20. Executive privilege means never having to say you're sorry.

21. We are not in a recession.

22. Karl Marx was not a nice man.

Quick, list five of your own vital lies.


f:lux said...


1. I am happy
2. No, really
3. Yes, I understand
4. Oops
5. I apologise


x said...

Bravo! What are you, some kind of anarchist? Waterboards are healthy. They're like colonic irrigation.

x said...

OK. This really is a meme. I'm going for it.

R.L. Bourges said...

oh. i flunked waterboarding then. must be a screaming sissy: i told them all the lies they wanted to hear in less than 30 seconds.