Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Family Gathering # 2

Late evening, the commodious back yard of the Weinstein's. A number of strategically placed fruit and olive trees. A few ornamental shrubs. A few lights from the house. A gibbous moon has begun its rise.

Mrs. Weinstein, 60s, is seen on her knees stage left, engaged in some physical activity. Is it digging?
While she works, Mr. Silver, mid-to-late 30s emerges from the house, stage right, listens for a moment, them moves closer. Is he being surreptitious?

Silver moves closer under the sound of Mrs. Weinstein's digging. He stops now, removes a small item from his jacket pocket. Moves closer.

Ah! Is that you, Mr. Silver?

Didn't mean to give you a start. And why don't we dispense with that Mr. Silver? After all, now I've had one of your meals.

And glad to have you, Bob. We're happy to see Gloria find someone she seems to take to.

May I offer you a hand there?

Thank you, but this is something I'd better do myself. (After a long beat) Is that a new iPhone, Bob?

Looks like one, doesn't it?

There you go again, Bob, answering questions with newer ones.

Like what, Mrs. Weinstein?

That belt buckle ornament of yours. One of the nephews asked you if that bear paw emblem was tribal and you evaded him.

Well, you never know about a person's belief system and you want to tread lightly until you know where you stand.

I can relate to that. Little did I know when Gloria's sister brought home the man she married that he'd be the way he is.

And how is that, Mrs. Weinstein.

Traditional, Bob. Very traditional.

Some tradition need to be protected.

Tell me about it. That's why I'm out there.

Because of Gloria's brother-in-law?

I'm the one who's supposed to be digging, Bob.

Okay then, let's trade. I'll give you one if you give me something in return. My belt buckle emblem looks like one of the North American tribes, but it happens to be from a time when I was employed by Blackwater.

Gloria's brother-in-law is orthodox, so in order to be ready for him when he arrives for dinner tomorrow, I have to have this set of dishes dug up, washed in an acceptably clean tub, and prayed over.

That's it? You're digging up dishes?

That's it? You used to work for Blackwater?

Okay, but with all respect, this is as far as this can go. If--


If it's any comfort to you, I know the prayer--


x said...

Digging up the dishes. Well, I have to say that the garden outside our front door always had various utensils decontaminating in the dirt, except in the winter, when the ground froze, and they'd be stuck in flower pots.

R.L. Bourges said...

so let's hear the prayer, Bob.

Smiler said...

Good grief, you would think I'd have known about this one. Decontaminating them in the earth?? Does anyone else here think it's strange or is it just me?