Thursday, December 20, 2007


1. An adobe wall.
2, A Harris tweed jacket.
3. A piece of rye bread.
4. A gravelly path.
5. A hawk's wing.
6. The back of my hand.
7. An orange peel.
8. Sally's coat.
9. A barn door.
10. A rusted nail.
11. A sycamore leaf.
12. The writing of Joan Didion.
13. And this hope for my own writing.


Anonymous said...

No surprise that Sally's coat came in at number 8.

R.L. Bourges said...

After dropping by Lori Witzel's Book of Hours project, I couldn't help wondering what she would make of this list, visually speaking.
I suscribe to item 13 as the best mantra devised for all writers.

Pod said...

i love this idea, and your list. especially 3 and 6

Lori Witzel said...

Damn, what a fine list. I could feel much of it in my fingertips as I read. And I still smell that orange peel.

That's the beauty of a good writer's skill, taking those simple alpha-codes and evoking something so vivid it floods the reader's mind and solar plexus with kinesthetic joy.

Thanks, I've now got some juice to pursue more beauty on a fresh new Friday day off from work! (Also, thanks for the net that connected me to lr/z -- she's stopped by and has been lots of fun!)

x said...

I'd say the best list yet. But I say that after each of your lists that I read.