Sunday, February 24, 2008

Call for Submissions


You are pardoning us contacting you this informal way.
Nigerian Book Publisher earnestly seeks stories of wealthy diplomats in stress medical or political conditions. Why mess with subsidy publishers and blog posts? 

 See your work in print now. You will please to be sending heartrending stories of persons with millions of dollars which are needing to sneak from country to your country, enlisting American empathy and wish to help overcome bureaucratic nonsense please. For every convincing story of persons with incurable disease or maybe crash in Mercedes-Benz (no hybrids, please only wealth cars) and millions in frozen assets, we will transfer to any bank you name some big check with your name on.

Some writers who are presenting us stories of wealth and intrigue are getting big bucks transferred to their accounts no kidding. One writer say she be next president already get big dollar amount for her campaign.

You will please to send stories to with number of your bank to get big bucks back in your account.

Write inspired,
Hon. Wm. Crooke, D.C.
Lagos, Nigeria

Thank you. Tell writer friends.


R.L. Bourges said...

Honorable Crook: You wouldn't happened to be related to a journalist in Nairobi, would you? I'm asking because the style. The punctuation. The rythm. All seem familiar, somehow.
So: no stories of crashing with cheap cars, huh? How about stories of cheap cars running over wealthy socialites? (will provide account number in Geneva for balance of fifty million upon receipt of first million in cash).

Unknown said...

P.S. It is also not necessary to be worrying about grammar and punctuation. Our readers don't speak English well anyway.

z said...

HMM. Just got one of those yesterday. Minus the publishing contract. I'd say I'm on their mailing list for a letter a month. They sure could use some writers.