Sunday, July 6, 2008

Taking Inventory

1. A stack of Big Little Books
2. A modest collection of Haldemann-Julius Little Blue Books (including Poems of Robert Burns and Common Sense by Tom Paine)
3. The Hard Boiled Omnibus Early Stories from Black Mask
Eight truly old paperback mysteries Hammett, Day Keene, Parker
5. Cavafy
6. Hopkins
7. six kachina dolls
8. a pencil sharpener in the form of a Remington upright typewriter given as a birthday present by students thirty years ago
9. a mini-Rollei camera that actually works
10. a pottery medallion of a fabled bird from Acoma Pueblo
11. a cedar cigar box filled with old Esterbrook fountain pens
12. a catalog of the Modigliana exhibition at the Jewish Museum, New York
13, a catalog of the El Greco exhibition, Metropolitan New York
14. three empty Altoids tins
15. a Henry Miller watercolor, frm his wall to mine
16. a serigraph from Sister Corita, Damn everything but the circus
17. a Lucky Strike green flat fifties tin
18. a belt buckle that claims to have been made from melted-down canons of the Civil War
19. A buffalo nickel
20. an Indian head penny
21. an antique bottle of Shaeffer brown ink
22. a Mark Tain model Conklin fountain pen

1 comment:

Lori Witzel said...

And this was all in just ONE jacket pocket? Goodness, that jacket is like Felix's Magic Bag of Tricks...