Wednesday, August 12, 2009

V is for Voice; Y is for you

What have you learned from connecting all the 356 dots that comprise The Fiction Writers' Tool Kit?

Among other things, you have come to see an even closer connection between writing, acting, and music than you suspected; you have come a step closer to the belief that you have no idea what you are doing but have instead, in mitigation of not knowing, a sense of who you are, shall we say writing wise. You own all the time you tried to imitate and fell short, thus making you believe you lacked the necessary insights to be the writer of story. You tried that uneasy polarity of wanting to be a counterfeiter and yet you were unable to imitate to the point where your work passed for the original.

You have learned where you are happiest.

As the years advance on you, you see more connections between things you originally thought disparate, in fact, disparate things you wanted to change.

Linking these 356 dots, these 356 words, terms, concepts, you have made it 356 times easier to enter the worlds you sought to enter through the back door.

Not a bad result from so much fun.

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Anonymous said...

May we offer 356 rounds of applause?