Thursday, February 24, 2011


Even if you are nothing more ambitious than a tourist, investigating a particular setting, you never go to a place or arrive at a place without some expectation, some reason for being there.  It is thus a rare occasion when you are anywhere without some sense of purpose, even if the purpose is the immediate withdrawal from the place.

In the part of you that creates for fun and the other part or parts of you that create for some more down-to-earth purposes, reason and intent--the logic and expectation--inform consequence and outcome.  Trying to set characters in motion for a story or prepare a syllabus or lecture for a class lead you to places where it is natural for you to expect some outcome.  All this presents you with the connection that your characters should be aware of this insight you have.  It is not that you want all characters to behave or think or even feel about things as you do; what a disaster that would be.  You want instead your characters to be assured of knowing why they are sent to a particular place, what may await them once they get there, even to the point of their having strong senses of dread or, if appropriate, expectations of pleasurable outcomes.

As you do not wish to find yourself in places without purpose or some fanciful form of design, you also wish those you have the good fortune to create to seem to appear just because they are following some outline developed by their creator.  It is one thing to wander about with the thought of an aimless wander, but another altogether to indulge such a wander while allowing the mind to wander over the elements of a project in the works, a project wanting some answer you are at the moment unable to provide. Even then you are somewhere serendipitous, hopeful the locale and the wander will combine with other loose elements to provide a solution.

You number yourself among those who, on a sudden whim, feel the need to be at a particular place, believing its ambiance will provide a solution to some internal or external itch that wants your immediate attention.  Some if not all the individuals you create should have this regard for the more mystical reaches of landscape.

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