Wednesday, September 21, 2011


You spend a considerable amount of time in avoidance.  On balance, this is time well spent, considering the nature of what it is you have chosen to avoid.

You could say object as well as the nature or intrinsic qualities you hope not to contact.  Your target of avoidance is The Ordinary.  You capitalize it to make sure you understand you have objectified it.  You will continue to do so; it is your ardent hope to show The Ordinary no mercy.

Ordinary things, friends, books, meals, loved ones:  They have no place in your life.  But they are stubborn and persistent, analogs of army ants and snails, rigorous in their mindless intent.

The thing to do with the ordinary is transform it into something special, something unique, something with the ability to surprise and enchant.  To accomplish this, you have to begin by holding the ordinary in some out-of-the-ordinary way, to regard it in a different manner, in effect demanding it reveal its hidden nature to you.  This means you have to suspect every ordinary thing of having some hidden compartment in which a secret or surprise is lodged.

Such behavior is already enough to make ordinary people suspicious of you,but since you are already out on the edge, sending in reports from the margins and borderlands, that is no step toward solving the problem.  It also helps to be in love, a condition many individuals understand and wish for themselves.  Others, those suspecting you might be in love, enjoy watching you.  Cynics that they are, they are waiting for the sight of you, crashed and burned along the roadside.  The trick here is to be in love with so many individuals and things that even a momentary crash and burn cannot stop your progress.

The best thing of all is to be in love with persons and things at the same time you are in love with your work.  The energy shifts in flawless synchronization from one to the other, bees and butterflies moving from plant to plant, thing to thing, carrying and depositing motes of pollen as they progress.

It is a rewarding tingle to be in love with your work, to be grateful to yourself for having chosen it and persisted to the degree you have, to have it show some sign of gratitude at being chosen by you.

In a negative sort of way, you can be grateful for having found something you love so much that not doing it at all is even more painful than doing in poorly.  But in a quite positive way, doing the thing you love poorly is ever so much better than doing it Ordinary.  Doing it poorly means coming at it ill prepared, uninformed; doing it Ordinary means doing it in attempts to please someone other than yourself, orienting it to an audience as opposed to bringing the challenge of your pleasure to the audience through your application of that pleasure to the work.

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