Saturday, November 12, 2011


Chemistry is the affinity matter experiences when interacting or behaving as itself.  The composition of matter is analogous to the personality and composition of humans.  You enjoy the aspects pf chemistry where potentials for attraction, repulsion, and the results of combination come into play.

You are often aware of any chemistry between you and other matter or another person until you have noticed idiosyncratic signals of pleasure, interest, or the yet more idiosyncratic sense of a thing or individual being of value.

In the same manner that chemistry opens up attempts to describe behavior of matter, the qualities of magnetism, interest, and value cry out for definitions in which an equation is available between things that are not human and between things that are.

 When you know with some specificity why you are attracted, like a person, place or thing, feel some commonality of purpose and response, you become swept up in a mythos built on the interconnectedness of things.  The results are comforting; you feel less adrift or positioned on the margins.  Such connectivity is a heady brew.  The cosmos seems less impersonal.  You begin buying more than your usual amount of flowers, reading more poetry, smiling.  People use such descriptors for you as enigmatic, mischievous, mysterious.

When you are open to and aware of chemistry, you are vulnerable to the Cosmos in the opposite way you are girded and armored in your suit of cynicism. You will of a sudden be aware of the songs of playful birds, you will be hit by falling poems, you will think you see the faces of forgotten teachers in the insides of pansies, dogs, previously indifferent to you, will follow you, strangers will smile at you, stories will present themselves to you as though homemade sandwiches at a picnic.

You may well think you are in love and, if the Cosmos has its way, you may well be.  You certainly have a crush on chemistry.

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