Friday, November 28, 2014

Its as Real as the Words on Your Pages

The simplest, most direct definition for Reality you've been able to come up with is a progression of events.  There is something direct and satisfying for you in this vision.  Even as you add to it your next significant attribute, you feel no nag of doubt or of omission.  Sometimes individuals are able to alter this progression of events.  At yet other times, individuals alter the progression of Reality in unintended ways.

You can--and do--go on to include yourself in this procession of Reality-changing events.  You are sometimes able to add to the procession of Reality.  While you're at it, you are able to state that Reality more often than not does not progress in an orderly fashion, in fact putting itself forth with halting or whimsical steps.

Most of your thoughts and concerns about Reality have not produced what you consider demonstrable effects on you.  There have been times when your thoughts about past segments of Reality before you were here to experience it.  History has more often than not fascinated you, aroused your curiosity, when you were in search of some event or trend, wishing to use the information achieved from that curiosity as a growing sense of how you came to be, and what that has meant for you.

In the past several years, when your thoughts turned to the nature of Reality as you saw it, you also speculated on how it would be when you were no longer here to be curious about its presence or impact.  You concluded that Reality would then return to being its original self, a procession of events.  People would continue to play a part in it.  So would animals, and such other species that survive, thrive, or initiate.

You were also aware of those times when you were creating Realities of your own, which is to say persons, places, things, and not to forget animals, your microscopic effect on Reality would be undergoing a change.  You'd in essence be entering a parallel line relationship with Reality, creating one of your own, which you'd without much doubt hope to make as plausible as you could, to the point of convincing readers to leave their vision of Reality in order to join yours.

The Reality you create exists in a figurative way, in part analogy.  Your constructed version of Reality contains persons, places, and things you see in reality,  filtered through your sensitivities (such as they are), then put forth through your filter of what constitutes drama and story.  

This reminds you of emerging technology in which a designer produces a dimensional model of an object, which is then transmitted to a three-dimensional printer, which prints out the component parts, which then fit together as a tangible, pick-up-able three-dimensional object.

Although you are physically well within Reality as you enter the act of creating your own avatar of that Reality, you've played fast and loose with your own awareness of Reality in order to infuse your creations with the sense of plausibility and, dare you say the word? verisimilitude?  You question that word because of the way it lingers with you from your early days of deciding you would like to create your own Realities.  Verisimilitude was a word you heard from instructors, then went on to find in books.  

Denouement was another word brought with some emphasis to your attention.  This was the place where you began to untie the knots you'd tied earlier in your attempts to make the Reality for your characters a different one from the one you were in, all the while with the emphasis of it being a tricky, even treacherous Reality, where things went wrong if that Reality had any chance at all of arrival at that special world known as story.

Then, a two-word concept entered your reality, right out of the observations of Aristotle.  Rising action.  This meant you could not allow Reality to enjoy its own progress.  You had to apply pressure on it.  Hurry up!  Something has to happen that it more intense than the something from before, however intense and well paced that something was.

In recent years, you understand a nuance you could not have seen at the time (although it would have been nice, had you been able to do so).  You are getting a hall pass, as it were, leaving the actual process of events, clearing as much of yourself as possible from yourself in order to become the cast of characters you wish to populate the Reality you've created from them.

So much depends on how well you execute your Reality and the denizens with which you populate it.  Even though you have a tenuous effect on the real Reality, it can sometimes deliver you consequences you have to mortgage within you emotions to cope with.  

Intriguing and challenging as this real Reality may be, if you are not careful, have only done a slapdash job on your created Reality, the effects from it, once you review it, may send you scampering back into the real Reality, in serious need of something more considerable than coffee.

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