Friday, September 11, 2015


In a sweeping acknowledgment of the convenience your various computers and their accoutrement's have brought to your life as well as the assistance in learning that have come your way, you must stop for a moment to reflect on the negative aspects as they relate to the password.

A password is in effect your insurance that you can use your computer, access your mail, even access various programs which give you access to publications, information, and financial transactions.  Passwords are keys, they are access tools, they are the equivalent of the opening line of a story or novel, the intriguing statement of thesis in an essay or review.

Sometimes, due to the fact of you hitting a wrong key on the keyboard, you'll be denied access to someplace where you wish to be.  Then you're faced with resetting the password, writing it in such a place where you will remember, then keeping that information available.

'During the years, you've had many passwords, including a few now in limbo because the effort of tracking down the correct password does not seem worth while.  In similar fashion, you have begun stories, essays, book projects, with only a few things in limbo.

Over the course of years, you've been told your password is lacking in complexity or numerals or a capital letter, denied entry in one case because the date of your father's birthday which is one of the key questions to allow you access to your bank account says October 27 is not your father's birthday, which means among other things that you have been celebrating it incorrectly all those years he was alive or that you somehow hit the wrong key when supplying his birthday in the first place.

There are a few places where, when you attempt to log in, you are told that someone else has the password and Identity you entered as yours, and they will brook no nonsense if you remind them it is not someone else who has the ID and password you entered but that it is in fact you.

Some stories and essays have said in effect similar things to you, with the implicit notion that you are not going anywhere with this story or essay until you can fix the broad issue of which these vagrant lines are the key:  your identity.

Today, not only are ideas cheap, so is information.  You cannot think of a day in recent times when you have not looked up something.  Only this morning, at coffee with your regular group of friends, you made a statement that caused a man sitting at the table next to you to wait politely for you to finish your statement, then suggest you'd erred.  "I believe,"  he said, " you have the order wrong.  Ontogeny in fact recapitulates phylogeny."  Whereupon, you both took to your phones to check out the proper order.

The gentleman was correct, and you were both aware that the concept, expressed in proper order, had been in large part discredited, which added even more texture to the argument you were making when you uttered the phrase incorrectly in the first place.  

The point is that with ideas and facts being in plentiful supply, each has to be joined to the other in a significant enough way to cause it to stand out.  This observation brings you back to your long held opinion regarding the importance of the voice in which the conflation of ideas and facts.

We are all of us in a sense representatives from an alternate universe, arrived here in this universe to take part in a Parliament of Reality.  We each have a voice and a vote.  We are representatives of our own separate Reality, which it is our duty to cobble together from facts, ideas, opinions, and proposed outcomes.

An individual who fails to cobble together a personal Reality is doomed to a life of even greater frustration than that shared by those of us who have to make a Reality from what seems to be little or no resources except our imagination.

Because of the probability you will at some future time come skimming through these notes, looking for something, it is in your best interest to remind yourself how little time you spend thinking about ontogeny or phylogeny in the first place, much less in which order they are set as The Recapitulation Theory.  You do not wish the you of the future to think you were pondering over that theory because of a conversation or concerns relating to biology.

Quite the opposite; you are instead trying to make a world within a universe, where you and your ideas have grazing rights and where unlikely forces are likely to settle in for a conversation.

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