Saturday, January 7, 2017


Questions to ask self:

1. What does each of your sentences say?

2. How do you know what each sentence says?

3. How reliable is the voice that dictates these sentences to you?

4. Do your sentences listen to each other?

5.  What is your goal when you write sentences?

6.  Are you able to say all the things you intended to say?

7.  Do your sentences produce the bonus of things you did not know you could say?

This list compels you to address your sentences with the sense of adventure, anticipation, and confidence you use when you approach the gas range in the kitchen at dinner time.

The list says nothing about the matter of writing prompts, which you see as insincere motherfuckers, looking to insure you you're about to write something of consequence. In truth, when you write to prompt, the result is often insincere.

If you'd had something of consequence to say, you wouldn't have needed a prompt to start you writing.

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