Thursday, January 16, 2020



A quality present in the ending of a scene, chapter, entire novel, entire short story. A dramatic itch awaiting a scratch.

The quality manifests itself in dramatic emotions like question, interest, sadness, reconciliation, grief, sorrow, surprise; sometimes aftertaste from a particular scene evokes a mashup of one or more of these feelings.

Consider aftertaste as the writer's reward to the characters and readers for staying the course of the narrative. If the reader comes away from reading a scene with no feelings about it, the entire scene falls into question. 

NB: There is no room for neutrality in fiction. 

For the scene to earn its place, it must leave at least the aftertaste in the reader of wonderment at what will come next, to which character, and how.


The governing force that drives every character in every story.
Agenda represents what the character wants, becomes the armature about which the other traits of the character winds.  Think Scarlett O'Hara in Margaret Mitchell's Gone with the Wind, then consider her every action in that narrative.

Agenda tells the character how to behave, sometimes in ways not yet clear to the character. The behavior alerts other characters--and the reader--to expectations and suspicions about future activity.

See agenda as the rabbit hole into which the lead characters tumble, as Alice did in her trip to Wonderland. Consider Macbeth in the opening scenes of the play named after him, ambitions covered by what he assumed to be his agenda of loyalty to King Duncan, then read on to see what happens after he got home to discuss his recent promotion with his wife.

Characters who don't want anything don't belong in a story. Even nameless characters have agendas. The crosswalk guard who delays the protagonist wants to get her charges, the school kids, across the street. The pizza delivery person wants a tip. No matter if they have no lines of dialogue; their behavior reveals their agenda, offers the writer the physical vocabulary and narrative tools to portray them.

Agendas in characters may be obvious or hidden, nevertheless they reside in what and how the character acts, thinks, and says.

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