Sunday, September 2, 2007


SAM--short-haired domestic, black, white, gray. A gifted editor. Used to belong to interior decorator. Hated snow. Fond of Kitty-Queen chopped kidney.
MAUDE--short-haired domestic, black, white, brown splotch.
ARMAND--short-haired domestic, treasured at first because he looked like Sam. Liked to hang out on roof. Had mood swings. A mean drunk when high on catnip.
MADAM OVARY--his mother.
BLUE-blue-tick hound, black, white, brown. Extraordinary nose, lovely bawl-mouth.
EDWARD BEAR--her son. Had charge account at Brownie's deli on La Cienega. Once bit deputy sheriff. Experienced serious moods. Ringing chop on track. Resounding baritone on tree. Holds some kind of record for having been treated to steak sandwiches by various patrons of Mom's Italian Villa on Cota Street.
JEDEDIAH STRONG SMITH--also her son. Good strong bawl mouth, excited chop on deer scent, deep baritone on tree with raccoon.
MOLLY--four-parter, black with brown trim. Great swimmer. Liked to carry huge logs. Grew increasingly impatient with the five o'clock northbound passenger train. Tended to snore at writers' conferences.
NELL--Aussie Cattle Dog/Aussie Shepherd--tawny brown with black flecks. One of the most consistently happy dogs I have ever known.
SALLY--Aussie Shepherd, Aussie Cattle Dog. A control freak. Likes to bury croissant pieces.
Preternaturally intelligent, good communication skills. Mind of her own.


Anonymous said...

JACK--Cream, tan, and black terrier mix. Long tail, wiry coat, Airedale size. Likes to run (away). Endless energy. Always up for a walk or play. Fiercely protective. Once, while I was talking to mailman and J. was sitting calmly by my side, he suddenly leapt at said mailman and bit his ankle before I could pull back on leash. Sweet beyond compare.

SALLY--Moody, opinionated, loyal to the core. Funny, serious, playful, hardworking. Loved and hated. Soul mate.

Jon said...

Brandy-Our hundred pound, antique hound. Left us Thursday morning.
Oogie the Long Haired Doxie and
Scooby the Golden will wait for her for a while, noses to the door jam. I'll wait a while too.

John Eaton said...

Jolie--Australian shepherd and Walker hound, chaser of squirrels, eater of student essays, noble, sweet, fond of two McDonald's dollar cheeseburgers when riding shotgun.

Anonymous said...

Is Sam a.k.a. Hipshot?

Lori Witzel said...

Passed on, but still missed:

Lil' Queenie, the one who made a cat-loving friend of mine freeze lest she tattoo him (I told him not to pick her up), and the one who loved me no matter what.

Missus McGillicuddy, who danced a happy jig every night Murry came home from work, and who had One Joke -- The Cat Joke -- that involved rushing up to sit where he'd be about to sit, and high-tailing it away with a fuzzy grin before he could squash her.

Still here, and lovin' us:

Sputnik, who Lives to Play and who will not let us sleep in on a weekend (playyyy with meeeeee, playyyy with meeeee she pipes under the door.)

Kizmet, the Softest Tabby in the World, the one does Silent Meows, the Slayer of Random Moths.

Miss Jocelyn Bell Burnell (aka Joss, Noodlehead, Peanut, The Brat, Fuzzbucket), as cross-eyed a part-Siamese as you'll find, the ace of fetch, and one who Loves to Play almost as much as Sput.

I wish I had a dog too, but that would be a whole 'nother story...