Saturday, January 12, 2008

Interrupted Narratives

1. Each individual has a narrative, which may be informed by an ideal or attitude or routine.

2. The individual performs with that narrative as a script, reflecting boredom at routine, a sense of being caught up in some form of destiny, a sense of mission, or even a sense of profound disappointment.

3. The narrative is broken.

4. Story begins.

5. Yep, story begins precisely when the regular narrative is broken.

6. Now the individual has something to face that has not been considered before.

7. Blogger dot com is only one narrative-breaking agent.

8. Objective correlatives (See Shakespeare and His Problems by T. S. Eliot)if not overdone, can be helpful in transmitting story elements.

9. The area between what characters say and what they really mean is the beginning of story.

10. Academic writing goes after story the way heat-seeking missiles chase targets.

11. No matter what happens in the primaries, the junior senator from Illinois has already sufficiently interrupted a particular narrative and high time and hooray.


lettuce said...

No. 9 especially

R.L. Bourges said...

yep. another chip on 9.

Lori Witzel said...

All I can say in response is to smile.

Lovely jump-cut and break. Now, off to find more loose threads and broken slub in the images that traveled across time from medieval Western Eurpoe...