Friday, February 29, 2008

Fatal Attractions

1. Ahab and the whale.

2. Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner.

3. Hillary and Bill.

4. Are we seeing a pattern?

5. Are we talking co-dependence?

5A. Enabling?

5B. Forgetting to take meds?

6. Does Yin require Yang in order to operate?

7. Can Kali be the Creator without being the Destroyer?

8. What fun is there in having the tide always advancing or the moon always waxing?

9. As the Normans were invading England, the Anasai were defaulting on their mortgage payments in Chaco Canyon?

10. Does the whale in Moby-Dick have an attitudinal or metaphoric connection to Anton Chirguh in No Country for Old Men? Is each evil for the sake of evil or must we question beyond that plateau by assuming that evil, as personified by Evil, has a polarity?

11. How would you feel if persons in small boats were attempting to harpoon you?

11A. Does the fact of enormous size presuppose the equivalent of persons in small boats coming after you?

12. If you answered yes to the previous question, can you empathize with the junior United States Senator from Massachussets?

13. Remember it is Ahab's perfervid interest in the whale that brings him to humiliation.

14. In most ways, Wile E. Coyote is a pretty cool individual, reminiscent of Jack Nicholson, until he is drawn toward the Road Runner, at which point the solenoid of Fate clicks into place.

15. Are the whale and Road Runner embodiments of fate with a capital F?

16. Is George W. Bush more or less delusional than Don Quixote?

16A. Why is it easier to empathize with Don Quixote?

17. If it is possible to fall asleep while reading a bad book, why can't we fall asleep during a bad presidency?

18. What did the three hags in Macbeth really want?F


R.L. Bourges said...

Boy. Full buffet, monsieur Lowenkopf. Let's see:

3 and 5b - for sure.

I say 1 and 5
and 2 and 5a) let's face it they'd be bored silly without the chasing around, no?

6. yep. and vice-versa.

7. Hate to say this but word would be out on the street it that were the case.

8. none whatsoever.

9. aka as The Origins of the Sub-prime Market Crash

10. Wile E metaphysics here (no, I did not misspell woolly)

11. I'd start off crotchety and end up evil (probably in caps)

11a) that's the way the whales tell it to the kiddies anyway.

12. It is a well-known fact that I stay out of political debates as a matter of principle.

13. yes, this is very true; as a practitioner of perfervidness (perfervidity?), I can attest to it.

14. "the solenoid of Fate". oy. (Does it hurt?)

15. Only when they sing "che sera sera" together on a lost tape from the Ed Sullivan Show

16. Much much less. Unfortunately.
16a) for this very reason.

17. Hate to tell you but most people have fallen asleep. It's just us insomniacs ranting about it.

18. OK. You asked for it. "Thrice to thrice, and thrice to mine/And thrice again, to make up nine" (I, iii, ll.35-36). In other words? They were really the nine Muses in clever disguise.

Phew. Think I'll go read a bit of Krishnamurti to relax a bit.

Unknown said...

This is a psych test isn't it? You're really an agent with the NSA trying to profile crazy bloggers aren't you? :oP

On 4, yes, yes, and... what was the question again? Oh right, is there a pattern. I suppose Hillary and Bill might fit the profile. Maybe they take turns though.

5) Oh right. Co-dependence. Yes, but there usually is between a protagonist and their nemesis. You know, this being drawn from my experience with the bastard children of the literary world, also known as comic books.

5a) Yes
5b) More than likely.

6)Yes and so do the rest of us.

7) Is this a trick question?

8) None at all, because we would be chased around the globe by an ever advancing wave, and the moon always overhead. (That sounds like a bad Science Fiction Movie actually.)

9) Only because they were sold a lousy piece of real estate. I feel for them.

10) O.k. I have to admit ignorance here, as I've not read Moby Dick, nor have I yet seen "No Country For Old Men". (Which I'm assuming is not just a movie but is probably also a book.) So, I'll get back to you on that one, when I've taken the pains to read about Cpt. Ahab, and eventually to read the other classics I've apparently missed involving John Quartermain, Dorian Grey, Cpt. Nemo, and Dr. Jekyll.

11) I would like to slap my large tail against their boat and smash it smitherines.

11a) That would depend on the intent of those in the boat. Given the context, probably yes.

12) Indeed.

13) I do remember from a plethora of pop culture references to the classic piece.

14) Ah yes, as the moth drawn to a flame. Or is that too cliche?

15) No, but perhaps the embodiment of what occurs when past history is ignored instead of learned from.

16) More.

16a) Because the only thing Don Quixote attacked was windmills, and at least he did that with some semblance of skill. Bush attacks nations and does so with apparent ineptness.

17) Because one can't hibernate quite that long and live to tell about it.

18) *Sigh* You have to hit one of the few Shakespearian plays that I have yet to read. I give up. What was it that they wanted?

lettuce said...

18. I reckon they were just in it for larfs.

Unknown said...

The world would be a better place if the word "perfervid" were used more often.

And I think that if George W. Bush had a broken-down old horse whom he believed to be beautiful,he'd be much more likable.

Oh, wait. There's Dick Cheney, isn't there?

Well, never mind.