Tuesday, October 23, 2007


1. Overheard at the Last Supper: "Say, if you're not going to finish that matzoh..."

2. Overheard at the last session of the U.S. Senate: "Anyone got a cell phone I can borrow?"

3. Overheard in the film, Five Easy Pieces: "You want me to hold the chicken."

4. Overheard at the latest debate among the Republican presidential candidates: "My position on creationism is still evolving."

5. Overheard at a kosher butcher in Boston: "Vas sagst du?" "They won, eleven to two."

6. Overheard along the quad at the University of Southern California: "Your ring tone is so antisocial!'


Smiler said...

1. Do you think there's any gefilte fish left? I could sure go for seconds!

Melanie said...

Dear Shelly

I came to you through John Eaton's lovely blog. Thank you for the treatise on the fine, FINE art of eavesdropping!